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Mixed media installation

(photocopied objects, photography, grey ballons, glass bottles, plastic cups, paint, ink, grey paper and real grey objects)


“You can see a room where there has been a party. Everything perfectly put down. The tables are full of glasses, beer bottles, bowls of nuts and garlands on the wall.  But it is not just a party room. Teufen has done everything in black and white. Duplicated with the copier. The installation Afgelopen offers a frightening after-image, strangely more than familiar.  If you are in the middle of it, you really do not know what you see. For a moment you think something is wrong with your eyes, you think something has been done with black lights or something.


I suddenly saw light blue, soft red, desperate when my eyes were looking for color. Then the short circuit follows. Your brain can’t handle the fact that you entering a 3D black-and-white photograph, which is completely upsetting. Suddenly a dirty chemical smell hung in my nose, which was not there. So disruptive the whole thing worked. Give your brain an illusion and it taps into the trap with both halves.


With this installation Teufen has realized a work with the power of a contemporary classic, that lingers in your head, whatever you think of it.”


_Text, Domeniek Ruyters, editor in chief of Metropolis M Magazin


Friesemuseum Leeuwarden 26 january 2018 till 6 januari 2019

Artists: Patrick Corillon, Funda Gül Özcan, Lieven Hendriks, Thomas Huber, Marc Philip van Kempen,

Michiel Kluiters, Matthijs Munnik, Saskia Olde Wolbers, Oscar Santillan en Dominique Teufen.

Afgelopen was first made and installed at Gastatelier Leo13, Tilburg, NL (2009)

also exhibited in the group Exhibition Façadism at _NEST, Den Hague (2014)

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