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"Je te quitte maintenant de ma plume, mais jamais de mon coeur" is a very personal work for me. During the time it was created, I ended my seven-year relationship with my partner at the time. Not because I didn't love him anymore, but because I couldn't imagine continuing with him as before. I needed to grow and openness to change was unfortunately not possible. It took a lot of strength for me to make this cut, and many nights I cried silently over this loss.


In this installation I tried to capture and organize this messed up moment of pain with the structured lights and shadows of office blinds, the sensuality of my body and the rawness of my skin in combination with the rough and broken walls. The strength of my spine as a symbol of holding on to my dreams and never giving up. My broken world divided into different sized photographs. These memories I took off the wall, to wrap up later when I would leave the house.


Looking back now, it was good to be strong, never to give up and never to go back, but to fight for change, development and my freedom. Now, 10 years later, we are good friends again and I still love him. Now we are both happy, and we both have children from other partners and I believe that without the change we went through, these beautiful little souls would never have been born.


The photo installation ”Je te quitte maintenant de ma plume, mais jamais de mon coeur” was first created as part of my mixed media installation ‘Office of Possible Solutions’, shown in 2011 in the project space MOIRA, Utrecht, NL

It has been reproduced for Paris Photo 2021

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