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RAYS OF LIGHT 2019-2021


The surface of a silvery cardboard piece, which I place in the city between parked cars, on grassy areas or on the asphalt, absorbs its surroundings and reflects the light and myself, then composes these ingredients into impressionistic like, colourful Landscape.


I move and the landscape moves with me. I can manipulate the characteristics of the landscape by changing the position of my legs and arms or change the angle I take the shot. Very concentrated I observe what is reflecting on the silvery cardboard. With my camera I try to capture these ephemeral moments that appear on the semi reflective material. The vague reflection of a house transforms into a snowy mountain, the black of my camera into a gigantic dark cloud and my skin, or the red car behind me, draws the colours of a sunset.


My Body and the city around me transforms its structures into ‘landscape’ with constantly changing forms and colours. In that instant I escape from my rough concrete surroundings. Although physically trapped in my everyday environment, I can travel to these places and moments of my pictures with the power of imagination. It is a journey that begins with my heart, with my memories and a longing towards the distant and the desire of an enhanced Future.

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